Political News--April & May of 06

| Home | Hillary another in bed with big business--Huffington | IRAQ WAR U.N. REPORT | Ken Lay convicted--Greg Palast | Law firm that went after Eron for Fraud vendicatively indicted by Bush | Euro as the Cause for the Iraq War | Continued on the Euro, oil & Iraq | Democratic Party's Strategy? | Why the government is flooding the labor market | AN IMPEACHABLE CRIME | French workers oppose move to break the back of labor | Hamas Elected in Palestine | Bush Violates Law in CIA Agent Leak

Link to UN bimonthly report of their Assistance Mission in Iraq, May 23, 2006, at http://www.uniraq.org/documents/HR%20Report%20Mar%20Apr%2006%20EN.doc

another view of what is going on, what our leaders got us into.

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